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China Business Service-Link

Trusted Professional Businesspeople living here within China

China Business Service-Link

I am pleased to inform those of you who visit my site, and who may be looking for something more than travel information or a holiday from China, that I am setting up a new trade service to assist people with their China business objectives.

Sourcing products from China could help your business make that extra point of profit, but where do you go to get the business information you can rely upon? The answer is…right here at Travel-the-Real-China.com.

Over the years while living here, I have met many trusted professional businesspeople who can assist with the location and identification of reliable Chinese manufactured quality products.

For any one product made in China, there could be many factories producing items that look and function in the same way, but cost and quality are generally heavily linked.

My China Business Service-Link has been set up to help buyers from all over the world locate and develop confidence and trust in Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

If you are interested and in need of a trusted professional who lives and works here in China, and speaks the language, please contact me with a general overview of your needs.

Thank you.

Please Note: - TTRC China Business Service-Link is a simple service of introduction via a trusted TTRC friend or colleague, to help source quality products and services throughout China. TTRC is not a Representative Office (RO) and is not set up to manage or provide any invoicing or currency facilities for your China business.

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