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Travel to China - a word or two about what to expect.

Traveling in China can be an extremely difficult place to get about and enjoy. When you travel to China for the first time, your head is full of excitement, the coming adventure and expectations of discovering and being part of - even for a short time - the wonders of being in the China of your imagination. When you travel in China you could have the most amazing experience of a lifetime, or it could be a bad dream you would wish was over.

Let me explain why.

China travel can have its frustrations like most travel anywhere these days. However some conditions in China are unique and visitors to the Middle Kingdom need to be aware of what they may expect.

Firstly you should understand that internal Chinese tourism is huge. The Chinese are very proud of their country and millions regularly travel to visit places they have heard about or seen on TV. Whatever place foreigners visit they will invariably be accompanied by many Chinese tourists also visiting alongside them.

Secondly, festival times can be frustrating periods to be traveling in China. Chinese New Year (which is a lunar-calendar-based holiday so it moves each year from about mid January to mid February) is an important time for Chinese celebration. Many Chinese are on the move during this two week celebration and this may cause disruption to tourist plans. If you are fortunate enough to be settled somewhere during this time you will share great experiences with the locals – fireworks, food, and fun.

During the first week of October many, many millions of Chinese are on the move for their National Golden Week holiday. Most businesses close – except for the transport, food and retail industries – so any change of travel plans during this time can be almost impossible to achieve. Forward planning is essential. And getting around China during this important period can be very difficult, especially by land transport. Air travel during this time will generally be about normal.

With air travel you should bear in mind the authorities can requisition your aircraft at a moment’s notice and your flight booking can disappear. This is a rare occurrence but has been known to happen. A good travel-support structure you can rely upon is important if this does happen to you. Air travel on main routes in China is generally by modern aircraft with modern, efficient terminals.

English is the global language for the global tourist but that is not necessarily so in China. You may find yourself in many places, particularly in the more remote areas, where English is not known. Don’t be deceived if you see some signs in English (or even Chinglish) – locals associated with the signs may not understand English.

If you find yourself in any frustrating travel situation, the golden rule is to stay calm & patient. You can be sure the Chinese with whom you are dealing will be very motivated to overcome your problem, but lack of language & understanding may slow the process so that it may seem nothing is being done. At any point in your trip we are only a phone call away and can fix any travel problem with which you may find yourself. Be sure to make full use of your Travel-the-Real-China guide in such situations.

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Travel-the-Real-China is committed to ensuring you have the most exciting and satisfying China Travel experience.

Happy Traveling 

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