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Living and working in China

Living and working in China, the help and assistance you can get, as well as the cost of living in China are all important issues while living in China.

Good local information about living in China and help with settling in is a major concern for all new and not so new comers to China.

Below are 3 companies that can make life here in China just that much easier to live and work in China.



Learning ChineseI use this company for my Chinese language training, they are very good.

Your new speaking ability and comprehension in China and its daily life will interact with your cultural immersion to deepen your experience in Asia. Hanjoy works closely with major international corporations and foreign consulates in China and abroad. Our staff of more than thirty teachers welcome you to the fun and excitement of learning to speak Chinese!    www.hanjoy.com.cn/en/index.html




Living and working in China

HR Index was originally developed for International companies as a resource for their expat employers living and working in China.

This huge information source helps us understand how to deal with everyday issues and problems that may occur while adjusting to life in China. It definitely makes the                                       settling in process go a little more smoothly as we all adjust to living and working in                                           China.                          

                                    It has proved such a success that is now being offered to other organizations and                                                individuals to make life within China just that much easier.


Living and Working in China

Occam provides cross cultural training to newly arrived expatriates & families as well as to the business community in helping to understand better the ways and wonders on living and working in China.

The courses are tailored to meet the needs of individuals and companies to better understand the cross cultural issues we all face when we live and work in China.                                               www.occam.cn




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