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A Tropical Paradise within China Travel China Hainan Island

When you Travel China Hainan Island, the tropical resort island of Hainan will surprise you.

A tropical island in China…? Yes. At 19 degrees north of the equator, this special part of China lies in the South China Sea at about the same latitude as the Caribbean’s Virgin Islands, Bombay/Mumbai in India, and the southern Sahara. The island covers approximately 34,000 square kilometres (slightly bigger than Belgium and slightly smaller than Switzerland) and has a population of around 7.5 million.

Hainan is the second largest of over 5000 islands off the coast of China, situated at the southern-most tip of the China mainland.

If you Travel China, Hainan Island will wash away the stresses and strains that China mainland travelling may sometimes bring upon you.

Blue Skies, Warm Breezes, Sandy Beaches, Tropical Rain Forests, Hot Springs, Elegant Spa Resorts; all make for a truly unforgettable spot to hang your hat for a week or two.

There are two major cities on Hainan, Haikou in the north and Sanya in the south, with the most popular tourist destination being in and around Sanya, due to its wonderful climate.

Hainan Island, can expect 300 sunny days a year with temperatures for Sanya, averaging between 21 (70 F) in winter and 29 (84 F) in summer.

The Island, though still developing, has become a major get-a-way destination for mainland Chinese seeking to escape the cooler weather of China during the winter months.

Travel China Hainan island.., Sanya is fast becoming a world-class vacation destination.

Luxury apartments, Five-star Resorts, specialist Spa Resorts have been and are, being developed, at an extraordinary rate.

The most popular beach/bay area would be Yalong Bay; clear blue waters backed by seven kilometres of white sands, palm trees and rolling mountain ranges.

This area already boasts seven 5-star resorts, including the elegant sprawling Sheraton Sanya, with more top class accommodation on the architect’s drawing boards.

Hainan is a special place, a Jewel within China, a place I would highly recommend for that special get-a-way from the hustle and bustle of mainland China.

A Special Note

Travel China Hainan Island and its Tourist development has been fast.., very fast.

The International Tourist industry on the Island is a new industry, still very young, growing and developing, and it is for this reason that I suggest, if you wish to visit the island and have that truly unforgettable holiday…, book and arrange things with a trusted Travel agent or helper.

This will make all the difference; the Island is magnificent, the resorts are great…, however good planning will make your holiday there so much more enjoyable.

A very special friend of mine, Mr. David Sutton, lives in Hainan and has many connections about the Island, Hotels and Resorts etc.

If I /we can be of assistance, just drop me a line.

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