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The Capital and Cultural Centre Travel Beijing China

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Travel Beijing China: Beijing is the Capital and Cultural Centre of China. A trip to Beijing can provide a marvellous insight into Chinese history and culture.

The Chinese Government is based here and it is a very political city; although the regular tourist would normally never notice.

There are many, many cultural places to visit, and to cover most of the major sites will take about 4 to 5 days.

The city is huge and sprawling, so you will need to take taxis or use the underground subway, which is easy and convenient, so do not worry.

Here are a couple of maps that would be handy for you to have, Travel Beijing China City Map and a Travel Beijing China Subway Map.

There are taxis everywhere and they are generally ok; some are pretty run down and some have air-con.

The best solution is to look for new models of car; these at least will be clean. Taxi drivers like to take you on long excursions, so have a map with you so at least you know you are going in the right direction.

The foremost sites to visit when you Travel Beijing China, and which should not be missed, are the the Great Wall of China , the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace; these are spectacular examples of Chinese history and culture. They will not disappoint you.

Travel Beijing China is a tourist Mecca for both Chinese and International tourists. The city hosts millions of visitors every year so be prepared for crowds.

Here you will find many temples and museums, markets and malls, sights and sounds, to experience. However if you are travelling to other parts of China, you will see other examples of historical & cultural China just as fine, with less hustle and bustle.

The shopping and the nightlife are good; there are plenty of foreign students here studying Mandarin Chinese as Beijing is probably the best place in China to study the language. Therefore, it is generally easy to find someone to help you if you need it; it's tourist friendly and easy to get around.

The best times to visit are in the spring or the autumn as it’s very cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

As I have with Shanghai, Xian, , Hangzhou, Suzhou,
I will cover some of the highlights:

The Great Wall of China ; there is more than one place to visit The Wall and there will be large crowns at all the local viewing spots. The best way to see The Wall is to get a tour out of town.

Forbidden City, this was the Imperial Palace for the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Tiananmen Square, this is a city square like no other on earth…it’s huge, all the other city squares in most of the major cities across the world would fit into this “grand place”… it is massive.

Summer Palace, TThe emperor’s summer residence, beautiful in the autumn and spring, very cold in the winter, very hot in the summer.

• There are many more sites; here are some of the others, Temple of Heaven, the Ming Tombs, Grand View Garden, Longqing Gorge, White Cloud Temple, the Cloud and Water caves as well as many many more temples.

Beijing Underground City - an out of the way place thats close to the square and rather interesting 

Travel Beijing China should not be overlooked on your China Vacation; however, there are more wonderful sites and sounds around the rest of China.

Go and explore…you will not regret it.

If time is short and you want to see the primary tourist location, I would recommend a tour, especially for the Great Wall ; remember Beijing gets many tourists so plan early for Hotels and tour arrangements.

If I can be of service with your Travel Beijing China trip, please contact me for more info..

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