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The Jewel of Asia Travel Shanghai China


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Travel Shanghai China, An amazing city.


I live, work, play in Shanghai…, China’s largest city, largest port; a city of 16 million people, (many millions more during holidays and festivals), a city wanting to be the biggest, best and most important in the world.

Travel Shanghai China photo, China Travel

If you had been able to Travel Shanghai China 10 years ago, and returned today, you will see a very, very different city.

Overseas designers, local designers have all come together to produce an amazing architecturally designed city that seems to go on forever.


When you Travel Shanghai China today, it is a modern, 21st Century city, with tall, new shiny buildings, amazing nightlights… a wonderland.


Travel Shanghai China photo, China Travel

Finding the old sights and sounds of the old city is becoming more difficult as the city’s rapid development produces almost


instant change, almost everywhere.

Travel Shanghai China is a Chinese city of surprises: - a bizarre and sometimes brutal, colonial history (British, French, American, Italian, Japanese) and dark days exploited as an Opium trade hub. Mix that with ancient Chinese culture and today we have a city urgently trying to leave its colourful past behind and which will soon be compared, in class and elegance, with any major city in the world.

When you Travel Shanghai China, you will quickly notice it is the power-house of China, the money-making machine that drives the Chinese economy continually forward.

Shanghai is usually a business destination. However if you are coming for a China vacation, or traveling through on the way to somewhere else, Travel Shanghai China has some must-see experiences and is a good way to introduce yourself to the wonders and difficulties of Travel in China.

Travel Shanghai China photo, China Travel

There is still a lot for the visitor to see and do in Shanghai. Bars, Clubs, Business, the incredible skyline of beautiful tall buildings as far as you can see.

However, the truth be told, when you Travel Shanghai China, the city itself does not have a lot of cultural feel about it. Shanghai is the financial center of China.

Beijing , Xian , Guilin and the Yangtze River Cruises are the main tourist destinations within China.

I could talk all day about what great fun it is to live here; it is a lively, vibrant place that moves at an extraordinarily fast pace. I will cover some of the highlights but you need to see and feel the place personally, to appreciate it fully.

Some Travel Shanghai China Highlights

Travel Shanghai China photo, China Travel

• The beautiful colonial-style buildings along the Huangpu River an area called the Bund (German for ‘bend’ in the river). where these remarkable buildings from old European days are marvelously lit up at night, and have been beautifully restored; the contrast between the Old and the New is quite a sight. • The most famous shopping street and lighting effects in China, Nan Jing Rd, is just a short walk from the Bund. This road is about 3kms long! (Its longest shopping street in China) A walk down this street is a walk through time. At the Bund end, (east) you have magnificent Colonial architectural buildings, within the Pedestrian walking section you come across the original large Chinese Pharmacies and Department stores. Further to the west are large new modern department stores and shopping malls.

• The famous Xintain Di district: - this area is the social hub of Shanghai, the very best in chic and style, expensive cars, fine wine, the best restaurants, a very happening place.

This area used to be old rundown part of the city until some HK investors decided to restore and develop the old Shi Ku Men Lane houses into a tourist attraction. With an artificial lake and the beautifully restored houses as a backdrop, Fashion houses, elegant parties, special events, all use Xintain Di to highlight their products and China.

• At the southern end of another famous shopping street, Huai Hai Rd is the area known as the “French Concession”. Beautiful tree lined roads; Colonel Style villas are typical in this area. In some parts, you would think you were actually in Europe

• A must thing to see and do is to visit the viewing platform at the top of the Jin Mao Tower, the third highest building on earth, the tallest with a hotel inside (the Hyatt). This stunning building is 89 stories high and the view of the city from the top is spectacular.A very special treat is to have a buffet dinner at the Hyatt on the 53rd level, then go up to the bar on the 89th floor and enjoy a drink and the view, which at night will amaze you.

Travel Shanghai China photo, China Travel

• Oriental Pearl Tower Is a TV tower that stands by the bank of Huangpu River opposite to the Bund (the Pudong Side). It is a major focal point along the river, there is a viewing platform, cafes, restaurants, KTV, and Piano bar, all packed into this amazing looking structure. The tower is 468 meters high, the highest TV tower in Asia and is the third highest one in the world.

• Yu Yuan Garden . Is a 400-year-old classical Chinese garden in the Old Town of Shanghai, not far from the Bund. Yu Yuan occupies an area of two hectares (5 acres) and is built in a style associated with the renowned Suzhou gardens.

• Century Park. is in the heart of the city and is the largest park in Shanghai, it is made up of grassland, forests and lakes. There is a combination of eastern and western landscaping, with open spaces to enjoy and many things to see and do.

• Shop !!! There are Antique markets, Bird and Bug markets, Commodity markets, Clothes and Fabric markets, local markets and a very famous market where you can buy all the world’s best brand names, at amazingly low prices.Shanghai is a shopper’s heaven, come with a small suitcase and leave with a big.

• The Zoo and the Science and Technology Museum both are a good day out if you have the time.

Getting around Shanghai

Travel Shanghai China photo, China Travel

Taxis are great, (most of the time), within the city, where most of the sites are, will cost around RMB10 to 15 per trip (around $1.50) see China Travel Tips for more info, the Shanghia Subway (Metro) is clean, cheap and efficient, just at peck times a lot of people.

An “IC card” a travel card is available in Shanghai, this card allows you to pay for your trip via an electronic card pre-loaded with money. The card is good for Taxi’s, Buses, the Subway, the Ferries, its very handy, it costs RMB 30, then you just load whatever amount of money you want into it, the card can be purchased and loaded at all the stations.

Here are a couple of maps of the city a Travel Shanghai China, City Map and a Travel Shanghai China, City Subway Map; I hope these will be helpful in getting around the city.


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Read What others say .... about Shanghai.

If you would like to have your say about Shanghai and some of your adventures here, Highs and Lows... I would love to here about them.

I write for a local expat magazine called Shanghai Scene and I am always looking for comments , adventures of both Shanghai and China.

You may live here, or have visited and have something you would like to share , please contact via this form, ...Many Thanks

Secret Treasures about Shanghai.

Travel Shanghai China photo, China Travel

If you come to Travel Shanghai China and have time, just outside the city, one or two hours on a bus are some real treats.

Would you like to see tranquil lakes?

Beautiful Chinese Gardens?

Ancient Villages?

Here are a few places that are very close to Shanghai, which are often overlooked when one comes to Shanghai. These cities, towns and villages are the real deal and a must-see adventure.

Just an hour by local bus is Zhujiajiao, a beautiful little Ancient Chinese Water town, very close to Shanghia.

Then there is Tongli this very old small water town is 2 hrs away from Shanghai, buses go everyday in the summer. Tongli is very beautiful, tree lined canals, lunch by the river, wonderful place for a day trip.

About two hours away by bus or train is Hangzhou, as well as Suzhou, Hangzhou being famous for its beautiful lakes and Suzhou for its traditional Chinese gardens. Another small and mostly forgotten town called ChangShu is full of sites and great market shopping, well worth a visit.

As I grow this site, I will add more places that are interesting.

I know a small and personal tour operator who specializes in Travel Shanghai China and the surrounding towns and villages; contact me - I can be of service – you will enjoy.

Please send me more info

I have a personal Blog about my life in Shanghai and my travel business, if you’re interested...

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